Find music data from multiple sources.

Start cutting down on the time you spend searching for metadata about your music. musicsearch. is a single search tool that unifies results from multiple industry recognized official data sources, saving time and increasing reliability.

In addition to the integration and automation solutions, the ecosystem includes modules design to accomplish common tasks for broadcast and media companies.

musicsearch. unifies results from IFPI, MusicBrains, Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music. With one simple search, get the results from all the connected platforms at once and cut your time spent manually searching everywhere for the information you need.

With one click, find the missing metadata and with the second click, have the data written back directly into your music database. Complete and fill out your database with the fully integrated musiccompanion.
musiccompanion. connects your existing MusicMaster database directly to musicsearch.

Local radio station, RRO, in canton Valais is using musicsearch to find information like composers, album, label and release date, and to send it back to their MusicMaster database.

Radio BEO
Private broadcaster of canton Bern, RadioBEO is using musicsearch to backfill the ISRC code and Spotify ID. By using musiccompanion, that information is filled back automatically into their MusicMaster database. applications and modules

Our solutions allow you to benefit from the latest web and cloud-based technologies, using an innovative multi-layer architecture that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.
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An all-in-one solution to quickly launch a web-radio channel at an affordable price, using cloud-based components.
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Aggregates relevant metadata about what’s currently playing on linear broadcast, ready to serve DAB+, RDS, EPGs and radio slideshows.

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Multiple sources, fast and precise, right back into your database.