Detect and search across media channels.

With so many benefits, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. aircheck. is an entirely cloud-based solution that automatically records, archives and analyses media streams.

We make non-linear media: audio, video, and podcasts – searchable. Like any other search engine. And we can track, recognise and analyse sentences on air.

fingerprinting illustration
fingerprinting illustration

Open a web browser, choose a radio or TV channel, print keywords to search for, and voilà. If it is on the air – you can find it & save as a bookmark, share it within your social media, or by sending a link to your friends.

With aircheck. you can find and keyword in podcasts, YouTube videos and linear broadcast. You can track when a blogger made your promo. In case you have paid for the ads that had not been done. Or track your brand and keyword mention across the audio & visual content of blogger who do it on a non-paid basis.

aircheck. uses AI technologies to provide an automatic solution for recording audio & video content, searching through it & analysing it on the required parameters.

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aircheck. provides automatic recording, metadata extraction, speech recognition and speech-to-text combined with efficient search and BI. You can use aircheck. as a powerful monitoring tool to take into account current situations in the local markets.

Receive notifications and track track the situation based on frequency and keywords recognition in the markets where your business operates. And even prevent a “thunderstorm” and prepare a strategy before the news about you spreads around the globe.

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Eurovision Sport
EBU Eurovision Sport used aircheck during UEFA EURO2020 and UEFA Champions League, recording all EBU member stations reporting on the event and extracting audio bits of joy and emotions then shared all across Europe. Combined with sports metadata, aircheck enables EBU producers to listen to multiple stations simultaneously and quickly extract commentary reactions from all the member stations.

Producing a short audio summary for each of the 612 Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga games is challenging, especially because multiple games are happening simultaneously. This is why WDR is using aircheck. Their producers can quickly sift through all the commentary and game actions while the games are still ongoing, making it easy to collect all the necessary audio pieces for a great summary. applications and modules

Our solutions allow you to benefit from the latest web and cloud-based technologies, using an innovative multi-layer architecture that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.
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Deployed on-premises, engine enables you to unify your existing broadcast and media applications, whatever they are and wherever they run, and easily add new features.
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An all-in-one solution to quickly launch a web-radio channel at an affordable price, using cloud-based components.

more than 50 international companies already use

With aircheck. everyone can detect, find and track their brand and topics across podcasts, TV & radio.