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Let our engine drive your media business. Through deliver.media engine. you can connect and manage the tools and services that deliver your content, automating workflows so that you save time and money.

engine. enables you to unify your existing broadcast and media applications, whatever they are and wherever they run, and easily add new features.

From video file handling and audio conversion to metadata enrichment, content monitoring and automated archiving: whatever workflows you need to run your business, our engine. will ensure the media machine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Virtually any media process can be built and automated to align with your business logic, using whatever combination of on-premises and cloud-based resources is required.

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The magic of deliver.media engine. is interconnecting those tools so that you can automate workflows and achieve huge efficiencies. But there’s more to the platform than that: the ecosystem also includes a set of custom modules designed to accomplish common tasks for broadcast and media companies. You can choose from those modules to complement or even replace your existing third-party applications.

Communication is essential for efficient workflows and integrations. This is why our products support a wide range of third-party integrations out of the box.

Cloud services, metadata providers, broadcast software or storage systems, we have you covered.

CH Media
Swiss private media group CH Media uses deliver.media engine across its thirteen television stations and six radio stations. It acts as a central data and coordination hub, connecting CH Media’s central traffic systems to all its locations and playout servers. deliver.media engine also takes care of on-the-fly transcoding of audio and video to accommodate all connected services, including a HEVC-based VOD platform.

The latest system renewal for Swiss Public Radiostations “Swiss Pop”, “Swiss Jazz” and “Swiss Classic” features heavy integration work from deliver.media. Except for the creative work of music selection, every connection all the way to distribution and the content of the website is powered by workflows from deliver.media, using the deliver.media engine.

deliver.media applications and modules

Our solutions allow you to benefit from the latest web and cloud-based technologies, using an innovative multi-layer architecture that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.
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An entirely cloud-based solution that automatically records, archives and analyses media streams, opening the door to a myriad of use cases.
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An all-in-one solution to quickly launch a web-radio channel at an affordable price, using cloud-based components.

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