More Channels. New Formats. Simple. managedradio. provides everything you need to get a linear radio service up and running quickly and at a highly affordable price.

managedradio. is the ideal solution to expand the reach of your radio offer with a set of specialized web-based music channels, test new on-air formats, or efficiently establish a radio-like service for your network of retail outlets.

managedradio. is a set of tools that you can access and control through a web-based portal. From building schedules and timelines to metadata management, audio encoding, playout and streaming, it’s an all-in-one solution that leaves you free to focus on selecting the content that will keep your audience listening.

Download PDF will take care of the operation and monitoring of your web channels, providing a direct link from the cloud to your streaming provider or server, including comprehensive content-related metadata. If you have an existing scheduling system, managedradio. will interface with it. For MusicMaster users, our package includes a web-channel licence.

Radio Bern1
This local radio station in Switzerland’s capital city is using managedradio to extend its musical reach with six additional channels, showcasing different musical genres. While the team at Radio Bern1 selects the music, managedradio takes care of all technical aspects of getting these six channels to the listeners.

Spoon Radio
Switzerland’s rock broadcaster Spoon Radio uses managedradio to offer six additional music radio services on the web and DAB+. From Hard Rock to Rock Ballads, you can choose everything your rock heart desires. applications and modules

Our solutions allow you to benefit from the latest web and cloud-based technologies, using an innovative multi-layer architecture that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.
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Aggregates relevant metadata about what’s currently playing on linear broadcast, ready to serve DAB+, RDS, EPGs and radio slideshows.
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A single search tool that unifies results from multiple industry-recognized official data sources, saving time and increasing reliability.

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We provide everything you need to get a linear radio service up and running quickly.